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August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Review

Things are changing and directing towards a new change with the launch of August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. Launched on 12th April 2020, we are among the first to share the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock review. It might be a little confusing for you if you are familiar with August locks. 

Its name, as well as features, may sound similar to the existing awesome Smart Lock Pro. The smart lock pro was available as a standalone lock and also with wifi capabilities if you buy an additional August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge.

With the launch of the new August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, you don’t need an additional gadget to bring in wifi features. As the name suggests the W-Fi connectivity is inbuilt in the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. But it lacks Z-Wave plus support which was part of Smart Lock Pro + Connect Wifi Bridge combo.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Installation

Installing an August Wi-Fi Smart Lock was a breeze. Whether you are installing any lock for the first or an experienced person with mechanical stuff. The installation process would take anywhere between 5 to 12 mins.

Deadbolts Compatible with August Wi-Fi Smart Locks

August Wi-Fi Smart Locks are compatible with a wide variety of brands. It is installed above the existing deadbolts on the inner side of the door. You can check the complete compatibility list over here.

They are compatible only with single cylinder deadbolts. So don’t buy the August locks if you have a single-sided deadbolt, Medeco or Mu-t-Lock. Also, you need to ensure your existing deadbolt works without any issues. Any frictions while opening and closing the door can affect the proper functioning of the smart lock.

Inside August WiFi Smart Lock Change Battery

To begin the installation, remove the existing cover plate of the deadbolt. Remove the two screws and replace the August universal mounting plate. Align the two holes of the screw to fasten the plate with the help of screws. Put one of the compatible plastic blue adaptor inserts provided by August. 

Now align the main cover of the smart lock into the blue insert. Fix the lock cover by closing the two open side wings or flaps. The entire procedure generally takes 5 to 6 minutes.

The last step after installing the unit is to insert batteries by removing the faceplate. 

DoorSense™ Installation: To enable notification to your app about door left open or Auto lock/unlock feature, DoorSense needs to be installed properly.

August Smart Lokc DoorSense™ Installation - Surface Mount and Flush Mount

The positioning of the DoorSense™ varies with the version of the August Smart Lock you are using. There are two ways to install August DoorSense™: Surface mount and Flush Mount. For surface mount of August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, the DoorSense™ needs to be installed 1.5 inches from the edge as well as 1.5 inches within the top of the extended deadbolt.

The surface mount is relatively easy to install and does not take much time but Flush mount which gives cleaner look and may take little longer time and precision skills.

The DoorSense™ will be installed in the frame of the door in case of a flush mount. Again the DoorSense™ should be mounted within 1.5 inches from the top of the strike plate. You will need a drill machine to drill a hole in the door frame. The DoorSense™ requires half inches deep hole to assemble the DoorSense™.

Once you are done head over to your smartphone to set up your account by downloading the August app. Calibrate the lock by following the step by step instructions.

If you are having issues with notification related to DoorSense™, all you need to do is recalibrate the lock again.

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August Smart Lock App

The August app is available on android as well as on iOS platforms. Install the app and create an August account with valid details. The August app is a common app for August Doorbell Cam Pro (see on Amazon) and all August smart locks.

August Smart Lock App with circular button

The app is fairly intuitive and easy to use. The screen has a large circular button that changes color from Red to green to represent unlock to lock status and vice versa.

To manage the access to your guests, head over to the guest list screen. You can invite the guests via text and email to use the app to unlock the door. The guests cannot provide access to other users.

The entry of guests can be limited by time or number of visits.

Some of the other useful features are

  • Remote Access: Easy to provide remote access to lock and unlock your door through your app.
  • Auto Lock/Unlock: The door gets automatically locked or unlocked when you move in and out. To make this work additionally DoorSense sensor needs to be installed. It is provided in the box by August. It works on Bluetooth of the phone so your smartphone should be with you. The auto-lock and auto-unlock timings are adjustable as per your convenience.
  • Apple HomeKit: It is fully compatible with Apple HomeKit and you can assign a HomeKit home or room.
  • Google Assistant & Alexa: voice-activated support for locking, unlocking, and to check the status of the door.
  • Smart Alerts: The lock sends alerts on your smartphone in case of any change in the status of the door.
  • Dual Encryption: It uses dual encryption on the Wi-Fi Smart Lock. Bluetooth energy (BLE) technology encryption and TLS ( app ).
  • Dual Authentication: It has two-factor authentication. August products require an additional verification either by email or phone number.
  • Activity Feed: You can open your app and it will show the entire timeline about when the door was lock and unlocked by home visitors or the guests.

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List of ways to Access the door with August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

  1. Using your app on your smartphone.
  2. Using the original key of your deadbolt.
  3. August Keypad ( sold separately ).
  4. Using an Apple watch.

How to disable August App and virtual keys if you lose your phone?

Go to and disable all keys, app and any associated devices. You will be asked to enter your email id and a code will be sent to your email id. 

Final Thoughts

The August Wi-Fi is a worthy contender and is surely going to replace his older pal Smart Lock Pro. Honestly, Smart Lock Pro has been a favorite among the consumers and few customers were not happy about installing another gadget – Connect Wifi bridge to add Wifi capabilities to Smart Lock Pro. The August team looked into the feedback and came up with a new version of Smart Lock Pro which does not require a bridge to enable Wifi features. The August Wi-Fi already has an inbuilt Wifi into it.

With this launch, we won’t be surprised if the sales overtake the sales of the older brother – Smart Lock Pro. 

Go ahead and buy with confidence!

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