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Baldwin Evolved Smart Lock Review

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The smart lock market in 2023 is way different from what it was a couple of years back. The demand and acceptability of smart locks are at an all-time high.

The question is not about if smart locks are safe or not. It is about smart features and how they match your interiors and styling.

This is where the Baldwin Evolved series stands tall and unmatched. The Baldwin locks are known for their reliability and the sheer number of options they provide to match the decor. They are solid, sturdy, and built with all brass.

Baldwin Evolved smart lock series is no different. They are incredible standalone locks and can be upgraded to smart locks when paired with the Kevo Plus gateway for remote access.

The Baldwin Evolved Interiors range is available in 18 finishes with deadbolts in three designs. For a more luxurious look, the same are available in handle sets with smart lock features.

We got the opportunity to get hands-on with the deadbolt series. You will find it difficult to choose between three stylings Evolved Arched, Evolved Contemporary, and Evolved Traditional. All three styles are gorgeous.

Here is our smart deadbolt review, based on our experience with respect to the smart features. Baldwin has an augmented reality app (iOS/Android) and it helps you visualize any handle or deadbolt on your door before buying.

Review of Bluetooth-enabled Baldwin Evolved Smart Deadbolt

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As stated earlier, you will need to buy Kevo Plus for remote access features. The Kevo app is required to use a smartphone as a key is available on both iOS and Android.

  • Lock, unlock, and monitor your Kevo Smart lock status from anywhere with...
  • Works with Alexa for voice control of Kevo locks
  • Use Kevo Plus Hub to connect Kevo locks to your router using an available...
  • Hub connects Kevo smart locks only (Kwikset Kevo or Baldwin Evolved); locks...

The Baldwin Evolved series is Bluetooth enabled and helps control the lock through Kevo App. It uses PKI encryption, a recognized standard in security products.

The door can be opened with a physical key, phone, or through Evolved Fob (sold separately). The smartphone has to be in the range of Bluetooth to be operational through the app.

The Fob has a unique feature and one can pair it with multiple Baldwin locks. Hence one Fob can be used to open multiple locks once it is paired.

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EKeys: Using the Kevo app, an unlimited number of ekeys can be shared with family and guests. The validity of ekey is 24 hours and it expires automatically after 24 hours. 

The limited scheduled ekeys can be assigned based on the time limits for any specific day. It can be suitable for house cleaners, repair guys, etc.

The Kevo app notifies and maintains history whenever the user locks or unlocks the door. The remote locking through the additional bridge is supported by Kevo Plus when connected to the internet. The smart lock does not support any Z-Wave or ZigBee hubs as uses Bluetooth to connect with the phone.

Touch Unlock: The touch button unlock is available but does not support any fingerprint access, now available in a few other smart locks. 

Auto Lock: The smart lock has another useful feature of auto-locking which can be handy in many situations. The notification of the same can be cross-verified if required.

Triple Touch Lock: The triple touch lock feature allows you to lock the door without a smartphone or fob. All you need to do is touch the lock three times to lock the door from the outside.

Systematic Colored LED notification: The colored led will notify you of the status of the door when the lock is in operation. The green light is for the unlocked status of the door whereas the amber color is for the locked status. The red light indicates a low battery warning and you need to replace the 4AA batteries.

Installation: The installation of the Baldwin Evolved lock is swift and easy. All you need is a screwdriver as there is no wiring involved. It runs on 4AA batteries and fits the standard 2.125″ tubular door prep. The lock is a 5-pin c-keyway cylinder for the physical key. 

Setup the Lock: The setup to connect the lock to the app is easy. Open the Kevo app and select “Setup a lock” in the menu (top left corner). Remove the battery cover on the lock and press the “Program” button. Follow the instructions in the app by clicking “Get Started”.

What We Missed in the Baldwin Evolved Smart Deadbolt

Baldwin Evolved smart lock is well-built and aesthetically hard to ignore. The Bluetooth capability adds a smart dimension to the lock. Connect it to Kevo Plus to add the remote locking feature.

But the lock lacks the voice command capability that many smart locks now offer. It is not compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant. 

Baldwin does not have any dedicated app and relies on the Kevo app. Is it a deal-breaker? definitely not!

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