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Best ADT Smart Locks

When trust takes precedence over targeted advertising, you need a brand that has been around for decades. ADT home security solutions have been ranked on the top for years.

For many Americans, it has been an automatic choice when it comes to home security. So many brands successfully forayed into smart locks in the past few years. The trust factor and security of smart locks have been the topic of discussion on and off for late adopters of smart home technologies.

Whether you are an existing user of the ADT home security system or a new one, the important question is which smart locks are best and compatible with ADT?

In today’s article, we will delve into some of the leading smart locks that work with ADT. If you are planning to buy a smart lock, this latest option is worth considering.

ADT endorsed Kwikset 914 Deadbolt

ADT is in a partnership with Kwikset for incorporating smart locks in their home security solutions. The top recommendation for ADT smart lock is Kwikset 914 deadbolt with Z-Wave Plus.

Please make a note that Kwikset 914 is available in the Z-Wave model as well in some color variants. We urge you to buy only Z-Wave Plus smart lock which is a more advanced protocol than a regular Z-Wave.

Kwikset ADT smart lock has many features that are smart as well as usable in daily life. Here are the features that stand at par with the competition.

  • It has 30 user access codes to allow entry into the home.
  • The smart lock automatically locks after 30 seconds.
  • One-touch lock feature.
  • Smart key feature is exclusive to Kwikset locks that help to rekey an existing Kwikset key using the SmartKey tool.
  • Works remotely using ADT Pulse app.
  • Works with voice commands using Alexa.
  • Use 128-bit encryption security.
  • Illuminated backlit keypad, helpful when the light is low.
  • SecureScreen patented technology to guard against smudge attacks common with touchscreen smart locks.

ADT provides security packages that help you monitor the security of home 24/7. ADT smart lock is one of the ways to make your home smart and safe.

The choice of technology and service provider is important as your smart home will see more smart gadgets becoming part of your life in the future. The compatibility with other smart devices will define and limit your choices. So make an informed choice or you will have to re-invest in existing smart devices.

How Smart Lock works with ADT Pulse? 

With ADT Pulse, the home automation is on your fingertips. The ADT Pulse app gives complete control of your home security remotely. 

ADT recommends an ideal combination of smart lock and camera so that you have a full view and control when you are not at home. So if you are only interested in ADT smart lock, you may find executive upselling it with a remote camera.

The ADT Pulse works using the Z-Wave protocol and is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It enables your smart lock to be locked and unlocked remotely using the Pulse app or voice-assisted commands.

Additionally, you can arm and disarm your alarm in case of an emergency. You can view live footage of your home using a smartphone if a live camera is part of the package. You can also connect other smart home devices so that you can operate them virtually from anywhere.

ADT Pulse is also operational through your apple smartwatch.

ADT is well-known for its trained technical staff for a smooth installation. Our recommendation for ADT comes from the fact that the quality of service provided by ADT is unmatched.

Why buy ADT compatible smart lock and is it better?

We began the article with the word “trust”. Many people have been using ADT services for many years. It is the trust that this brand has developed and hence loyal fans.

Most of the leading smart locks have their proprietary apps that are fully functional and ADT Pulse does not provide any extra features you are going to miss in others.

You need to buy a smart lock that works with ADT if you are an existing customer of ADT or for the sheer value of service they provide.

ADT does not set itself apart from other brands on technical specification sheets. They are better and different when it comes to the quality of service that gives you peace of mind.

Secondly, you need to buy the smart locks that are covered under their service contracts. It is an equally essential part when it comes to compatibility.

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