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Best Smart Bathroom Mirror

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Our homes are getting smart and bathrooms are no different. Imagine a bathroom mirror doing a whole lot of things and not restricting itself for vanity only.

Smart bathroom mirrors are a thing in 2021 and they have a lot to offer. They look more elegant and are equipped with the latest technology and features like Bluetooth speakers, TV, weather updates, Alexa enabled, and of course with a cabinet for storage.

We tested out some more smart bathroom mirrors and we have an updated list ready with reviews to help you choose the best smart bathroom mirror in 2021.

Here are the recommendations.

Editor’s Pick: Smart Bathroom Wall Mirror with Weather

  • LED light adjustable from warm to white light.
  • Weather Forecast.
  • Anti-Fog feature.
  • 30-day free return.

Byecold is our editor’s pick that comes with dual brightness modes ie. warm light and white light. This practically the most important feature as the quality of light is the key and the personal choice varies from individual to individual.

Anti-fog is a must-have feature and is efficient without any complaints. No more extra effort to wipe off the mist.

It provides real-time weather updates once it is connected to the WiFiClock app. It is multifunctional and updates you with date, temperature, humidity levels, etc with an attractive display on the smart mirror.

The single smart touch switch provides a toggle between light, defogging, and weather forecast.

Smart LED Bathroom Mirror with Bluetooth Speakers

  • Invisible screws.
  • Diming function.
  • Anti-fog feature.
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • 2-way design (horizontal/vertical).

The LED-lit smart bathroom mirror with Bluetooth speaker from Bonnlo continues to be on our list if you are interested in a vanity mirror that is capable of playing music from your phone while you are getting ready.

The integrated speaker works seamlessly with your phone via Bluetooth. You can play your favorite Spotify music, listen to your favorite podcast or check out the latest news. 

It has a much-needed anti-fog feature that keeps it clean after a hot shower. Unlike other brands, it has an independent switch so that you can use it only when it is required thereby saving on your power bills.

Another useful feature is the dimmable LED light. It uses CE certified 110v sensor for dimming and switching off the light.

It looks chic and can be hanged both vertically and horizontally. However, the touch buttons emit blue light that is a bit brighter than required. A few people may find it annoying.

Smart Bathroom Mirror with TV

  • Available in 22/27/32 inch.
  • Smart Android LED TV.
  • Supports Integrated WiFi and Bluetooth.

There has been a rise in demand for smart bathroom mirrors with TV so that you can enjoy your favorite Netflix show or YouTube video. This is the void that Elecsung successfully eliminates.

Elecsung is a full HD Android TV cum Mirror available in 3 sizes and has all the major features you will expect in any LED TV panel. It includes an HDMI port, Wifi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, LAN, and all the regular benefits of Android.

Elecsung uses a protection grade of IP66 and the remote is IP68 when it comes to being waterproof. It works effectively as a mirror when the TV is off and gives a luxurious look to your bathroom. This concept is quite a seller in the hotel industry but now it is being adopted in smart homes.

It is a perfect buy for your kitchen and bathroom.

Philips Hue Smart Bathroom Mirror works with Alexa

  • Works with Alexa, HomeKit, Nest, SmartThings, and Google Assistant.
  • Requires Hue hub.
  • Works with Philips Hue Dimmer switch.

Philips Hue is an adore-lighted mirror with ratings to use in damp locations. A perfect smart vanity mirror to remove shadows while you are getting ready in the bathroom.

A hue hub is a must for a fully functional voice-assisted feature using Alexa or Google Assistant. It has pre-set daily routines that can be used as per your choice. It also works with Philips Hue Dimmer that can be used wirelessly.

The mounting design is not intuitive but it is a one-time activity and can be ignored. Also, be careful while removing the sticker from the paint as it may pull off the paint.

Homfa Smart Bathroom Mirror Cabinet or Storage

  • Affordable LED Bathroom Mirror with Cabinet for Storage.
  • Aluminum with steel finish cabinet.
  • IP44 rated.
  • No assembly required.

Homfa may not fall into the category of a smart device as it lacks the features listed above. But it is a perfect buy for someone looking for a LED bathroom mirror with Cabinet.

It comes with a classic medicine cabinet design but made with superior quality 430 anodized aluminum and a vanity mirror in the front. It is safe to keep in the steam area or in a bathroom in general.

The LED light is bright and works well for daily use as well as any other product on our list.

Things to Look for While Buying a Smart Bathroom Mirror for Wall


The bigger the mirror, the better it is. But as smart mirrors are expensive, many people tend to go for smaller sizes. But sooner or later when it becomes part of everyday life, you might regret not buying the optimal size. It is important to understand the fact that mirrors make the existing space look bigger.

Alternatively, don’t end up buying something too big for your bathroom. You don’t want to end up feeling in the depth of space.

Adjustable Lighting

Everyone has a different comfort level when close to the diffused LED light. With most of them equipped with good bright LEDs, the ability to dim or adjust the intensity of light becomes an important feature.

Most of the top smart mirrors in 2021 have a switch or dimmer to control the amount of light. But make sure you cross-check before you hit the buy button.

There are come model that comes with an additional feature of dual brightness. You can pick a warm light or white light as per your preference.

Defogging Feature

It is a no-brainer that if you are installing a smart mirror in your bathroom then it should have an anti-fog function. Most of the models these days have this feature but careful picking up a cheaper one that may have skipped with feature to allure customers in lieu of cheaper price.

BlueTooth Feature

There is hardly any modern device that is not equipped with Bluetooth. Smart mirrors are no different. Most of them have Bluetooth speakers behind them to play your favorite audio connected to your smartphone.

Ease of Installation

The installation is another factor you need to consider preferably if you are planning to fix the wall on your own. Although it is a one-time activity it can be a challenging task for a first-timer. We found the manuals accompanied in the product box were not intuitive enough. So the design should be such that you can install it without pulling your hairs.

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