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Best Smart Light Switch

A smart light switch is usually the last thing on the mind when you are upgrading your home into a smart home.

Many people start their journey into the smart home world through smart light bulbs or smart speakers like Alexa.

But an avid smart home fan knows what the best light switches offer!

If you don’t know much about smart switches then the first question on your mind must be –

What is a Smart Light Switch?

A smart light switch is a switch that helps you control the connected appliance wirelessly through your smartphone. 

Caseta by Lutron Smart Switch with Wallplate

  • Controls up to 17 lights.
  • Supports voice assistant.
  • Acts as a smart dimmer switch.

If you are tired reading smart light switch reviews, stop reading further buy this is the smart switch.

But if you are keen on why this is the best smart light switch. read on.

Lutron Caseta has been a leader in the smart switch category for the last few years. It is a feature-rich reliable switch.

Lutron Caseta is compatible with most of the leading smart home devices like Alexa, Apple Home Kit, the Google Assistant, Serena shades, and Sonos when connected with a smart bridge.

Smart Away Feature

It lets you adjust home lighting or turn off lighting remotely. It requires to be connected with a smart bridge similar to any smart home device if you want to operate it away from home.

Another feature that makes it our favorite is the ability to connect up to 17 light bulbs

Caseta does not require a neutral wire to be functional hence it will easily work with your existing wiring. So even if you have an old home, go ahead and equip it with smart lighting.

You can also make schedules for lighting to turn off/on or dim the lights. Lutron app power it with the ability to operate through voice commands.

GE Enbrighten Smart Light Switch

  • Alexa & Google Assistant compatible.
  • Works with Z Wave Plus.
  • SimpleWire technology.
  • 3-way switch type.

Enbrighten is a second-generation model from GE with a lot of versatility. Controlling remotely through the smartphone was never this easy.

The GE Enbrighten adopts space-saving what they call it as QuickFit for easy installation and 20% smaller housing. Absence of heat tabs further easies installation.

SimpleWire Technology

 It has auto line-load sensing terminals so that you don’t need a testing line and load wires.  

Enbrighten comes with changeable paddles to suit your interiors. It works with Alexa and Google Assistant provided smart bridge supports Z Wave Plus. It is compatible with most of the Z Wave hubs and works with Ring, Wink, SmartThings, ADT, Nexia, etc.

The GE Enbrighten is a 3-way switch type and requires a neutral line. It also integrates into a multi-switch setup if required.

Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Light Switch

  • Upgraded 3-way light switch.
  • Works with Alexa.
  • Randomize lights automatically when you are not in the home.
  • Does not require a hub.

Firstly, why settle for regular Wemo smart light dimmer when you can buy the same with 3-way and cheaper price.

Wemo Wifi switch is smart in every sense. It works with Alexa, HomeKit, Google Assistant, and IFTTT but does not require any hub. Now switching your light on/off is a voice command away.

Replace a switch in your existing 3-way lighting with Wemo to support one smart light switch in a 3-way circuit.

Use the free Wemo app to schedule switching on the light at a particular time.

Away Mode

Wemo offers a unique away mode so that you don’t have to worry when you are not at home. This feature creates an illusion to someone outside as if you are at home by randomly turning on/off the light.

Single Pole Treatlife Budget Smart Light Switch

  • Best Budget Smart Light Switch.
  • Supports voice control.
  • Light scheduling.

Single Pole Treatlife is the best affordable smart light switch and is available under $15.

At this price, it supports voice control as well as scheduling and in our opinion, it is a steal.

It works on 2.4GHz wifi and does not require any hub. Single Pole is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. 

It allows countdown timer as well as automated schedules. Using the scheduling feature, it will periodically switch on and off the lights. It is an excellent feature when you are on vacation and can deter any trespassing.

When you have multiple TreatLife switches installed at home, you can control them in groups. 

Philips Hue Smart Dimmer Switch cum Remote

  • Dual-purpose smart switch and remote control.
  • Schedule lighting scenes.
  • Supports Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.

These days many homes use Philips hue lights and Philips Hue smart switch becomes an automatic choice.

Philips Hue smart dimmer has a unique clean detachable design that also acts as a remote. It is a battery-operated wireless switch.

Philips Hue Smart Dimmer Switch allows scheduling your own custom lighting scenes using Philips Hue Smart Bulbs. 

Interestingly the switch can control up to 10 smart bulbs without the Philips Hue Hub. When you are using a hub, you can control up to 50 smart bulbs.

The dimmer switch is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit but only via the Philips Hue hub.

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Buying Considerations for Smart Light Switches

The marketing materials can be misleading at times and chances of impulse buying is always a fear.

Here is a ready reckoner so that you don’t miss out on important features to consider while buying a smart light switch.


A smart switch is smart if it is constantly connected with your wifi. If there are frequent disruptions in wifi connectivity it will lead to disappointment and frustration.

3-Way Switch type

To replace a current traditional 3-way switch with a smart switch can open up a whole new set of smart options. Before making a purchase ensure the smart switch supports 3-way as well as acts as a single-pole if required.

Voice Control

Many users who are new to the world of a smart home are generally not into voice commands but the smart devices grow on usage. It becomes a second nature to give voice commands.

Make sure you opt for a smart switch that works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.

Smart Bulb as an Option

It does not make sense to buy a smart switch if you plan to connect only one bulb. Buying a smart bulb is cheaper and easier to install. Check out the difference between a smart switch and a smart bulb below.

Smart Switch vs Smart Bulb

Smart SwitchSmart Bulb
Relatively expensive but cheaper for multi-bulb fixtures.Cheaper but gets expensive in scenarios like changing all concealed ceiling lights.
Comparatively difficult to install.Easy to install.
Smart switches support dimmers.Smart lights cannot be used as dimmers.
They are always “smart”.Smart bulbs become non-smart if you switch it off from the switch.
Cannot add smart colored lighting.Smart bulbs have the option to change color temperature.
Not a good option for renters.Suits renters.
Most smart switches require a neutral wire. Some don’t check our list above.Smart bulbs work independently of the neutral wire.


A lot of websites draw conclusions and recommendations from old resources. A quick look at the end of their sources will help you understand that smart home technology changes in a matter of months.

We constantly review and retest new and old smart devices so that we can suggest you the best and latest in the tech world.

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