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The era of the old traditional smoke detector is beyond the expiry date. Some of the best smart smoke detectors available can instantly send a notification to your phone as soon as there is some smoke.

Smoke alarms are efficient and get triggered but how does it help if you are not at home. Aesthetically speaking, they are clunky and do not gel with your interiors.

The smart detectors send push notifications wherever you are and can exchange information with other smart home devices.

The smoke detector sensors are designed to understand a wide variety of smokes and carbon monoxide. 

We tested out some of the top-selling smart smoke detectors before curating the below list.

Best Smart Smoke Detector

Google Nest Protect Alarm & Carbon Monoxide Detector

  • Easy to Use App.
  • Split spectrum sensor.

The Nest Protect by Google is arguably the best smart smoke detector available right now. It works on battery but the hardwired mode is also available at a cheaper price.

It is one of the modern and stylish-looking gadgets better than the ones that look outdated. Functionally, it sends push notifications on your smartphone as well as voice alerts.

The Nest Protect is equipped with a Split Spectrum Sensor that picks up the difference between fast-burning and smoldering fires versus slow-burning like burnt toast in the kitchen.

It has a dedicated carbon monoxide detector (CO) that looks out for any CO in the house. It uses the latest photoelectric and ionization technologies.

The Nest app is easy to use with some handy features. It has an app silence that lets you silence the smoke alarm from the app itself. 

The Nest Protect avoids irritating chirping sound in place of self-tests the batteries to send low battery warning to the Nest app. It also acts as a pathway light as a guide to move around.

Another fair advantage is the ability to set it up easily and its compatibility with other Google Nest products. The detector connected with other smart devices like a smart camera can trigger recording in case of smoke.

Other Notable Smart Smoke Detectors Worth Considering

Onelink Safe & Sound Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm

When we first picked up the Onelink smart smoke detector and saw the technical specifications we were smiling ear to ear.

But by the time we reached the end of the specification sheet, we were greeted with a rude shock. The pricing!

Yes, it is a capable smoke alarm but pricing will be a deterrent. It has its advantages that some people may feel justified to buy this gadget.

OneLink is HomeKit compatible and is integrated with Alexa speakers and can connect to most of the hardwired smoke detectors like First Alert. Onelink is a photoelectric smoke detector equipped with a carbon monoxide sensor.

It sends push alerts to your mobile as soon as it detects smoke. The notifications are instant and we did not experience any delay.

Being integrated with the Alexa speaker, it can be used to stream music from Spotify. There are tons of other supported apps and services but linking them is a bit counterintuitive.

It is truly a smart smoke detector capable of Alexa voice services and Alexa skills. It is also compatible with AirPlay and Apple HomeKit. Like other smoke detectors, it has a nightlight feature to light your path in the dark when auto-brightness is enabled.

It works on AC power and has a battery backup in case of power cuts.

First Alert Z-Wave Smoke Detector & Carbon Monoxide Alarm (2nd Generation)

Launched in August 2020, the 2nd generation First Alert smoke detector is a good option as an affordable smart smoke detector.

Clearly, it may not be a cool-looking device but is a feature-rich smoke detector especially when it comes to integration with other systems.

It works with most of the popular z-wave smart devices such as the Ring Alarm, Nexia, SmartThings. Although it is not compatible with Onelink or Wink. Do make a note that it requires a z-wave hub to connect to other devices or send notifications. 

There is a considerable improvement in the second generation that has reduced false alarms. The new photoelectric smoke sensor is capable to distinguish kitchen cooking smoke or steam from the shower area.

The pairing with the Ring Alarm is smooth and if you buy an optional Ring Protect Plus Plan, it can notify the monitoring service. All notifications of smoke detection are sent to the Ring app.

What are you going to miss?

The biggest missing feature is wireless interconnectivity. With multiple smoke detectors installed in a home, they won’t be able to connect to each other or trigger if one detector detects smoke.

The Voice assistant feature is also missing.

Ugly Truth about Current Smart Smoke Detectors

The reason why people are willing to invest in a smart smoke detector is the seamless experience and ability to get notified about smoke wherever you are.

There is misleading info on the internet about smart smoke detectors. Many recommended detectors are mere battery smoke detectors or they lack the features to send notifications to your smartphone.

For example, In our survey, many people had bought Ring Alarm Smoke and CO Listener. It is not a smoke detector with a sensor but a smart listener. Smart battery works (listens) with your existing detector and cannot work independently.

It “listens” to the smoke detector and sends information directly to your fire agency. In many cases, people had to pay for false alarms because there was no way to cancel the fire alarm registered with the fire department.

There are many good smoke detectors available with good battery life. They have the latest electrochemical and photoelectric sensor that meets the UL 217 & UL 2034 safety standards. As they are not smart so they are useful only if you are at home.

Is Smart Listener Battery worth your time and money?

No, they are not a replacement for a reliable smart smoke detector. They look good on paper but practically there are many loopholes and we don’t recommend putting your home safety at risk.

They work with non-smart smoke detectors that work on batteries. The smart battery has a wifi chip and is replaced with the standard battery.

A smart listener detects the alarm pattern and sends a notification to your phone through wifi. But there are a couple of things you need to consider.

  1. It is not directly connected to your detector and cannot stop the alarm siren.
  2. The software listens to the alarm pattern and notifies but accuracy is where it falters.

There are many smart listeners available now and the Roost Smart Listener battery leads the way. But there are too many issues with false alarms or chirping issues.

The money you save is not worth the hassles and frustration of false fire alarms. You don’t want to put your home safety at risk with a smart battery.

Is Alexa Guard worth buying?

Alexa Guard is not a replacement for a smoke detector. It does mimic some features of a smoke detector but we cannot recommend it as a smoke detector.

Alexa Guard is free if you own an Echo Dot or any Alexa-enabled speaker. It can be a tempting option.

It sends a notification to your smartphone when it hears an alarm, glass break, or smoke. The Guard even records a 10-sec audio clip so that you get an idea of the situation. 

Many people buy Alexa Guard as it enables your existing smoke detector into a smart smoke detector. You cannot connect to any smoke detector is what makes it a risky investment.

Imagine a scenario if your Wifi is down or Echo is off for some reason. There are times when people have forgotten to activate it before leaving the house. 

This is one of the cheapest solutions if your smart home is already Alexa enabled but the kind of safety it provides can lead to an undesirable situation.

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