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There are around 44 smart locks that are compatible with SmartThings. The confusing issue is when as a customer you feel stuck and unable to decide which is the best SmartThings smart lock.

We have shortlisted top smart locks that work with SmartThings. We have also highlighted the standout features that will help you to shortlist the ones best suited to your needs.

Why SmartThings Hub?

  • Connectivity: Wirelessly connect and control a wide range of compatible...
  • Home Automation: Teach the hub your Good Morning, Goodbye, Goodnight, and...
  • 24/7 Monitoring: Receive app alerts from connected devices when there’s...
  • Voice Controls: Use voice commands to control connected devices using...

SmartThings by Samsung is a central controller through which all your smart devices including smart locks can connect wirelessly and remotely. The smart devices connected to the SmartThings can be operated remotely through SmartThings routines and voice commands using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It works on following protocols and requires a smart device supporting at least one of these protocols.

  • ZigBee
  • Z-Wave
  • Z-Wave Plus
  • ZigBee3

The above protocols also enable the smart lock/device to send real-time status notifications remotely and help you stay updated.

August Smart Lock Pro compatible with SmartThings

  • Control and monitor your door from anywhere..Note: Measure your door's...
  • Always know who is coming and going.
  • Keep your existing lock and keys.
  • Features Auto-Lock and Auto-Unlock.

August Smart Lock Pro is a 3rd generation smart lock by August. It is the only lock from August compatible with SmartThings. In April 2020, August launched its 4th generation wifi smart lock that connects directly to Wifi but it does not require any hub for remote features. Hence you don’t need a SmartThings hub per se.

Here are some of the notable features of Smart Lock Pro.

  • Single cylinder deadbolt lock.
  • Z-wave compatible.
  • Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit using SmartThings, or August Connect WiFi bridge.
  • August Smart Lock Pro provides excellent privacy and data security using two-factor authentication and two-layer encryption using AES 128 bit and TLS encryption.
  • DoorSense™ technology by August notifies you if the door is open or close.
  • Full remote access and control of your front door from anywhere once connected to SmartThings hub or August Wifi Connect.
  • Through Smart Lock Guest Access in the SmartThings app, you can manage and assign access codes remotely. It also provides the status of the lock and recent activity.
  • Complete activity and notification feed are also available in your August app if it is connected to August Wifi Connect Hub.
  • Supports auto-lock and auto-unlock feature.

Yale Assure Lock SL with Z-Wave & Samsung SmartThings Support

  • Unlock your door without keys by entering your code on the lock's backlit...
  • Lock and unlock your door from anywhere by adding the lock to a compatible...
  • Replaces your existing deadbolt in minutes on standard doors, 1-3/8" to...
  • 9V battery terminal prevents lock out due to dead batteries. Fits on doors...

Yale Assure Lock SL is one of the slimmest and quiet smart locks available right now. Yale Assure enables you to go 100% key-free locking so no more worries about losing your keys. The slim smart lock is a beautiful piece of art if you don’t like bulky deadbolts.

It is available in four color variants i.e satin nickel, bronze, black, and brass. It can also be combined with different handles or levers available with Yale.

Here are some standout features:

  • It is a BHMA Grade 2 certified deadbolt.
  • Works on the Z-Wave protocol.
  • Fully compatible with Samsung SmartThings, Wink, and Ring.
  • Works remotely with SmartThings.
  • Supports voice commands through Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.
  • Enter access codes with keypad or using your phone.
  • Touchscreen keypad with backlit numbers.
  • Access code management through the SmartThings app.
  • Easy One-touch locking by tapping the keypad with 3 fingers.
  • Optional setting to automatically lock the door.
  • Battery back-up from a 9v battery, easy to power terminal below the keypad.
  • Weather-resistant gasket and tamper-resistant battery cover.
  • Easy to install and setup. Voice-guided instructions to help you with setup and pin creation.

Schlage Connect™ Smart Deadbolt with SmartThings

  • Pair with a Z Wave smart home or security system like Samsung SmartThings...
  • Hands free voice control requires Z Wave smart home system and compatible...
  • Easy to install with just a screwdriver; Unique Snap ‘n Stay technology...
  • Use the finger print resistant touchscreen to share up to 30 access codes...

Connect™ is a top seller smart lock along with Encode™ from Schlage. The Schlage Encode™ is a hub-free Wifi Smart lock whereas Connect™ is designed to work with Wifi bridges like SmartThings. 

The Schlage Connect™ is available in two styles (Camelot and Century) and five color options. Each style with 5 colors gives you ample option to choose one that suits your decor.

The Connect™ is available with Z-Wave Plus and ZigBee protocol support but the model number for both of them is different.

We reviewed Connect™ with Z-Wave protocol and here are some important features of the Schlage Connect™.

  • Works with SmartThings, Ring, Wink, Nexia, and other Z-Wave supported smart home automation systems.
  • Supports remote operation via SmartThings hub and SmartThings app.
  • Shareable 30 access codes that can be managed through the SmartThings app.
  • 100% keyless entry and ability to access door lock remotely.
  • Supports Z-Wave Plus protocol with S2 enhanced.
  • Built-in alarm to alert you if someone tries to meddle with the lock forcefully.
  • Easy to install thanks to the Snap ‘n’ Stay technology that lets you free both hands as deadbolt snaps in the door.
  • Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri.

Kwikset SmartCode 916 Touchscreen Deadbolt Door Lock with SmartThings and Z-Wave Plus

  • Note: Measure your door's backset, cross bore and thickness to ensure you...

With most of the smart locks getting upgraded to superior Z-Wave plus from Z-Wave. The SmartCode 916 is a strong contender for a smart lock that works with SmartThings

It has a unique feature of SmartKey rekey similar to other Kwikset smart locks. You can rekey any old Kwikset key in a jiffy using the SmartKey feature.

The SmartCode 916 is available with Z-Wave protocol as well but we recommend buying the upgraded Z-Wave plus protocol model. It is available in three color variants and an option to buy a combo deal of deadbolt + handle set. The pricing may vary with different color variants.

Here is a quick view of other important features of Kwikset SmartCode 916.

  • Reliable integration with Alexa using SmartThings hub and app.
  • Does not support Keys by Amazon or Affinity.
  • Lock and Unlock door remotely via SmartThings hub and app.
  • Up to 30 user access codes that can be managed through SmartThings home automation.
  • Dual option of keyless as well as a physical key entry.
  • Responsive touchscreen keypad.
  • SecureScreen™ (patent pending) technology that jumbles the position of numbers on screen making it difficult to guess for intruders.
  • Single touch locking and auto-lock so that the door automatically locks after 30 secs.
  • Also compatible with other Z-Wave hubs like Wink and Vera.
  • Easy to install.

Update: Issues with Danalock V3 Bluetooth & Z-Wave Smart Lock

[Not Recommended]

When we published this article few readers asked about our views on the Danalock V3 model. They wanted to know why it is not on our list although some websites are already recommending the lock.

There are a few parameters we evaluate the products on before recommending and we came to the conclusion that this smart lock cannot make it to our list of best SmartThings smart locks.

  • Bluetooth 4.2 & Z-Wave version
  • Wireless smart lock - lets you easily control access to your home with your...
  • Uses an advanced encryption method for transferring data (AES 128 via...
  • Communication between the smart lock and smartphone is protected by the...

The Danalock V3 looks good on the specification sheet and works well on a few parameters. Here are a few reasons why it is not on our list:

  • Price factor – It is a little expensive as compared to the competition. In fact, more established companies are selling locks with similar features that are priced lower than Danalock.
  • Bulky Design: This is clearly the fattest smart lock we came across. Once installed on the door, it stands out visually and may interfere while walking in and out. This is purely based on aesthetics and some readers may not fully agree with us.
  • Build Quality: Build quality left us wanting for more. It looks a little cheap and very plastic. Smart locks are for security but it is a lifestyle gadget as well so the aesthetics do matter.
  • Unpredictable locking: In our survey with existing customers, we found that they occasionally faced failure in auto-lock and unlock. 

How to enable the Smart Lock Guest Access using SmartThings App?

The smart lock guest access is available through the SmartThings app if you are using a compatible smart lock. The feature is available in the new app as well as a SmartThings classic app.

Setup Smart Lock Access Card on your Home Screen:

Using the new SmartThings app, open the home screen, and press the “plus (+)” icon. Select SmartApp followed by Smart Lock Guest Access. Continue and touch “Allow” to confirm smart lock guest access added to the Home screen.

New guest codes can be added and managed through the smart lock access card on the home screen.

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