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Best Wireless Home Security Camera

You have decided to buy the best wireless home security camera for your smart home. But how do you decide which one is best for your needs?

The pricing of home security cameras ranges anywhere from $15-$200. The range is quite broad and finding a feature-rich security camera in the lower end of the range is nothing less than daydreaming.

Arguably, you should buy a home security camera that caters to basic features without any compromise if you are looking for value for money.

The primary function of the smart home camera is to enhance the security layer. With a wireless security system, it becomes easy to install and manage home devices.

Best Wireless Home Security Cameras to Buy in 2020

Arlo Pro 3 Outdoor Security Camera

  • 2K HD video with HDR.
  • 2-way audio.
  • Color and Infrared night vision.
  • Wireless installation.
  • Supports Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Watch.

Arlo Pro 3 is our pick for the best wireless home security camera. It the only camera in our lineup that produces 2K HDR video, a notch higher than 1080p HD cameras.

The camera produces high-resolution footage with a 160-degree field of view. Even on a bright sunny day, you will get a glare-free clean video. 

Arlo Pro 3 has another useful feature of the ability to capture color night vision and infrared night vision. Both these features enable you to have a clear vision even in the pitch dark nights. Night video is devoid of any grains so that you have clear faces in case of any unauthorized activity.

It works with Alexa and most of the other smart home platforms including Google Assistant and Apple Watch.

Some other notable features that attribute to must-buy recommendation are 

  • Integrated spotlight
  • Ability to charge through solar panel (sold additionally).
  • Ability to talk to the person in front of the camera.
  • Subscription-based cloud video storage
  • Custom activity zones to focus on important areas.
  • Package detection.

The Arlo Pro 3 is an expensive camera to own as it requires an Arlo base station if you want to install more than two cameras. Arlo Smart subscription is optional but if you want additional features it has a recurring monthly cost.

Battery life is poor and it almost made us drop Arlo from top pick in the list. 

Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera

  • Good battery life.
  • 2-way audio.
  • Custom motion detection.

Blink Xt2 is a nifty outdoor wireless smart camera. It is one of the affordable wireless options with an extremely good battery life. 

It records in full HD (1080p) and provides 2-way audio communication with visitors on the front door through the Blink app (not Alexa). The viewing angle is 110-degrees which is a bit restrictive.

It has an inbuilt motion sensor when triggered starts recording the event. Cloud storage is free and part of the deal and does not require any monthly subscription. This is a huge advantage for people who hate any recurring costs associated to use a service.

XT2 captures video footage in color during the day but night video is in black and white. It is equipped with infrared night vision.

Blink XT2 has a unique feature of temperature monitoring which in our review is more accurate than popular weather apps.

Being an Amazon product, it works only with Alexa and does not support Apple.

The Blink becomes more economical if you plan to install multiple cameras. And there is further cost saving as it comes bundled with Blink Sync Module or hub.

Wyze Cam Indoor Wireless Smart Home Camera

  • Affordable Wireless Indoor Security Camera.
  • Supports Live Streaming.
  • Free Cloud Storage.
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Wyze Cam is a perfect budget indoor security camera with many useful features under $30. It has some decent features like live HD streaming, night vision, and 14-day free limited cloud storage.

It comes with a microSD card for local storage so that you can capture time-lapse or continuous longer videos. There is no subscription model but it allows only 14secs of video storage on the cloud.

 It works with Alexa and comes with a good feature-rich app. It has a limited field of view but looking at the price point it has superseded our expectations.

Google Nest Cam Indoor Home Security Camera

  • HD Live streaming over wifi.
  • Great video quality including night vision.
  • 2-way audio.
  • 2-year warranty.

Google Nest Cam is an affordable indoor home security camera with many useful features you can find in his elder sibling. 

The most standout feature of the Google Next Cam is video quality. It provides clear HD quality videos even in the night. It has a night vision powered by 8 infrared LEDs for superior video.

It is easy to set up without any professional help. There is a guided setup through the Nest App and you can mount on the wall, place it on the table or use the magnetic base.

The Nest Cam will send you smart mobile notifications whenever it spots some activity in the room. The 2-way audio makes the smart camera interactive and you can talk to your kids or pet through the app.

It works with Alexa as well as Google Assistant. There is a 30 day trial period of Nest Aware, a subscription that features 10-day video history, custom activity zones, and intelligent alerts.

Although the video recording is not available without a subscription and 130-degree of field view is a downer. But being an indoor camera and under $130, it makes a strong contender to be on our list.

ecobee Indoor Wireless Security Camera

  • Wide 180-degree field of view.
  • Smart Focus that adjusts focuses on a moving person.
  • Built-in Alexa.
  • AutoPilot option: turns off the camera when family members are at home.

We were quite impressed with ecobee as a brand when we were testing thermostats for our article Best Thermostats for Multiple Zones. Hence we are always excited to test any product from ecobee.

Ecobee smart camera for indoors lived up to our expectations. The camera has an HD video quality and among the best available in this price range. 

What makes ecobee standout is the 180-degree field of view! No, it is not just a number. You will be surprised by the amount of view it covers.

Let us talk about a couple of savings it does. AutoPilot is another feature that seems borrowed from smart thermostats for good. The camera switches off when a family member and automatically start when no one is home.

If this makes you a little uncomfortable on security camera getting switched off in “any” situation than AutoPilot is optional and can be turned off. It will continue to work 24/7 but will record only when it detects any motion.

The ecobee has a brand new 8-core processor that saves bandwidth for better connectivity.

The camera can smartly focus on people. With a smart focus feature, it adjusts the camera’s focus as soon as a moving person enters the frame.

It has a window mode that will turn off the infrared LEDs. It enables the camera to see through a glass windowpane and avoid any glare. So go ahead and point it towards your porch through the window.

It not only works with Alexa but has a built-in Alexa. Use your voice to command Alexa for operating other connected devices.

So where is the catch?

It allows video recording and 14-day video history but that is included with a monthly subscription. Although the subscription is affordable than the other similar products.

ecobee smartcamera gives a new dimension to your privacy. 

Google Nest Cam Outdoor Surveillance Camera

  • HD surveillance camera with 8x zoom.
  • Outdoor camera with a 24×7 Live view.
  • 2-way audio.
  • Great video quality.

Google Nest Cam is a capable yet affordable outdoor camera. It is a weatherproof camera that provides a 24/7 live view on your phone.

It does support HD footage but additionally supports 8x zoom for better details. 

It has some smart features like sending alerts based on motion and sound. The camera detects any motion or strange sound and sends a phone alert.

Like many other home security cameras, it supports 2-way audio with a built-in speaker and microphone. 

Night vision supports black and white video and is crystal clear. 

Most of the features are very similar to Nest Cam Indoor camera we have already reviewed above. It does record video but you will need Nest Aware subscription. 

The subscription plans also include intelligent alerts based on a familiar face, dog barking, smoke alarm, or glass breaking.

The quality of video and pricing is the highlight of Nest cameras.

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery operated Security Camera

  • Quick-release rechargeable battery.
  • 2-way talk.
  • Siren alarm
  • Motion-activated spotlight.
  • Supports charging through Solar panel.

Ring products are popular in many smart homes. If you already own a Ring smart home device, we highly recommend this.

Even if you don’t own a Ring product, it has some useful features you may want in your smart home security camera. We have featured a battery-operated camera. A wired version of the same is available at a similar price point if recharging a battery is a hassle.

It delivers a 1080p HD resolution video and is equipped with night vision using infrared LEDs. The field of view of 140-degree is above average.

Being an Amazon product, it’s integration with Alexa is absolute love. You can talk to your visitor at the door as it supports 2-way audio. You can talk using the Echo device and command Alexa for the same.

It gets power from a rechargeable battery and also supports charging through the solar panel. In our opinion, it is an unbeatable combination.

An optional Ring Protection Plan subscription is available that enables video recording.

An interesting offer with each camera is theft protection. If your camera gets stolen, Ring will replace it with a new camera free of cost. All you have to do is share the police report after filing.

It has built-in motion sensors, LEDs for the spotlight, and a siren in case of emergency. It sends motion-activated alerts to your phone in case of any trespassing.

Ring smart camera is a great product. All you need to decide is to power through wire or battery. We recommend connecting to a $25 solar panel, it is a life and energy saver.

How to Choose the Best Wireless Home Security Camera?

Most of the security cameras connect to your phone or laptop through wifi and can be operated wirelessly through the apps/website.

There are some considerations to keep in mind while choosing the security camera for your home.

Power Source

There are many options available now where the camera can be powered through a battery. We suggest you look for a viable option as the gadget will be on power source 24/7.

Battery seems to be a convenient option but it requires recharging and a backup battery option. 

If wiring the camera is not tedious, it is a recommended power supply to save some hassles. We also strongly recommend solar panels to source power as the panel can cost you as low as $20-$30.

Make sure you buy a security camera that supports solar panel connectivity and can be a good option if in future you decide to use solar energy.

Video recording & Storage

Video recording and its storage can be a tricky decision. Many providers don’t provide recording and storage without a subscription plan.

A video recording for an indoor security camera may not be a priority for many but for your outdoor security camera, it can be a useful option.

Some smart cameras may provide the option of local storage on a microSD card but make sure the quality of the video is worth spending the money.

Alternatively, buy a camera with good after-sales service and affordable tiered subscription plans. So that in the future if you plan to subscribe it is not expensive as a monthly expense.

Smart Home Ecosystem

With more and more smart home devices enabling our homes. It is worth considering which ecosystem or brand you are investing in.

Major brands have well-integrated devices. For example, if you already own Ring Video Doorbell, it makes more sense to invest in a Ring camera.

Smart devices provide more value when they support each other properly.

Video Quality

It is no brainer that any camera you buy the video quality will be of paramount importance. In our reviews, we found few cameras managed to match other security cameras in terms of features but the quality of the video was below par.

The video should be clear and without any pixelation so that you can identify the people in the footage if the need arises.

Night Vision

Night vision is another factor related to video quality but there are some additional points you need to consider. 

The video quality has to A grade but there are security cameras that now provide color video footage in the night. It can be a nice upgrade to consider.

Also, some camera sensor works well in daylight but night vision footage does not match the expectations.

Field of View

Wider field of view is worth spending more money in our opinion. The wide view captures more scene and provides more detail. If you are confused between two smart home cameras, we will suggest you choose the one with a wide field of view.


The smart home industry is a fast pace industry. Many new smart home devices and upgrades are launched every year. We try to update our reviews frequently so that you get the latest and accurate recommendations.

Our list will help you choose the best wireless home security camera based upon what your requirements are.

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