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Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt Review

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  • Inbuilt WiFi.
  • Supports voice commands through Google Assistant and Alexa.
  • Built-in Alarm in case of an attempt to a security breach.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Designed for standard doors between 1-3/8 inches to 1-3/4 inches thickness.
  • 3-years electronic warranty and lifetime mechanical/finish warranty.
  • Certified Commercial Grade 1.
  • ADA compliant.
  • 100 code capacity plus two-preset unique 4 digit access code and one 6 digit master code.
  • One key for with key-entry.
  • Supports key entry as well.
  • 3 years warranty.

People entering into the home equipped with Smart locks may seem like a fictional sci-fi movie to few. But they are very much accepted and contrary to popular belief, smart locks are very reliable.

The next generation of smart locks is with an in-built WiFi bridge or adapter. It makes things simpler and easier to install.

During our initial launch review in April 2019, we faced issues while pairing with the iOS app. We are aware there have been significant major upgrades and the older review of 2019 was not accurate in terms of experience. So we have tested it out with brand new lock and latest app in 2024

Brian Miller,

First Look

Schlage Encode styles and finishes

Schlage is a reputed name for years when it comes to home security. As soon as you open the box and hold it. The first impressions are very positive. 

It is a well-built solid WiFi deadbolt.

The quality is quite evident. There is no additional WiFi hub, as it is inbuilt. It is available in two aesthetic versions – Century and Camelot. But internally the core functioning is the same for the locks.

The Schlage Encode has a responsive backlit keypad and a traditional key-way.

The overall look of the lock is chunky and broad. The plastic battery cover was a letdown.


Schlage Encode Box Includes 4 batteries screws and a key

Installation is a breeze and even a novice will be able to complete it under 15mins. The Schlage internal is designed to hold the deadbolt in the door so that you can easily screw the plates without the fear of falling or holding the alignment.

It fits well into pre-existing holes. The through-bolt can be adjusted by an inch or half.

The Century and Camelot internally have the same mechanics and functionality. They are different models in terms of cosmetics.

 The step-by-step instruction manual is easy to follow and the entire installation can be completed with a Philips screwdriver.

Setup & Calibration: The Schlage encode works with Schlage Home, Key by Amazon, Google Assistant, and Alexa by Amazon. 

The setup and installation process through the proprietary free Schlage Home app is easy and well-guided by the app. It directly connects to your WiFi without any WiFi-Module or bridge.

Once the setup is complete, you can lock and unlock the door remotely. It can easily be paired with Keys by Amazon app, Amazon Cloud Cam, and Ring products for remote locking and unlocking.

It works swiftly with all these third-party apps and adds power to your smart lock. The six-digit master code is printed on the label behind the battery cover. It should be changed using the Schlage home app or Keys by Amazon app once your setup is complete.

The Encode is not compatible with Apple HomeKit and Ring Alarm App.

To use the in-home delivery feature by Keys, you need to add your address in the Keys by Amazon app.

Each PIN created in Amazon App has guest privileges. The guest PINS can be added, edited, and deleted. These guests are added using your smartphone contact app else it has to be entered manually if the guest does not exist in your smartphone address book.

You can assign a schedule to every guest added. These included limited access, one-time access, or recurring access.

In 2019, when the lock was launched we faced issues with Schlage Home App but after a year we noticed the app has been improved now. All the past issues have been taken care of, resulting in a much easier and more stable app.

Schlage App helps you create virtual keys for power users so that they can add, edit, and delete codes from the Schlage app. One of the highlights of the Schlage app is the ability to set the auto-lock feature. The time to auto-lock can be set within the app.

Google Assistant: To use google assistant voice commands, you will have to install the Schlage Home app. For Alexa, the Keys by Amazon is all you need.

Brute Force Alarm: One of the highlights of the Schlage Encode is the built-in security alarm. Any forced tampering with the lock fires an alarm for a breach. 

You can enable and disable the alarm in the Schlage app. It also allows you to set the sensitivity of the smart lock.

Battery Life (Updated): Firstly, the battery life varies with the strength of the WiFi signal that the smart lock receives. You can quickly check this in the Schlage Home App. Positioning the router to close the deadbolt lock improves the battery life significantly. If positioning the router is not feasible, then use a Wifi extender.

Secondly, Battery life can be a concern for a few customers but a low battery warning appears to warn you a couple of weeks ahead. It uses 4 AA alkaline batteries. The expected real life is anywhere between 4-6 months depending on usage. 

Some customers have reported that the battery lasted around 30-45 days. The owners need to use high-grade alkaline batteries and not regular AA batteries.

Certified WiFi Smart Lock: The Schlage WiFi smart lock has two certifications as proof of quality and security. It is ANSI/BHMA A156.36 Commercial Grade 1 and American National Standard for Residential Deadbolts ANSI/BHMA A156.40-2015 Grade AAA in Security, Durability, and Finish. 

Schlage Encode vs Sense

Schlage EncodeSchlage Sense
Encode does not support Apple HomeKitSense connects via Bluetooth.
Encode does not support Apple HomeKitSense is fully compatible with Apple HomeKit
Encode supports a maximum of 100 codes.Sense supports a maximum of 30 codes.
Encode launched in 2019 is expensive.Sense launched in 2015 is relatively cheaper now.
Encode is quieter in operation.Sense little noisy when compared with Encode.

Schlage Encode vs Connect

Schlage EncodeSchlage Connect
Encode has one variant using WiFiConnect has two variants with Z-wave plus and Zigbee protocol.
Encode connects directly without any intermediate hub.Connect connects through a hub.
Encode supports Keys by Amazon.Connect (Z-wave plus) doesn’t support Keys by Amazon but Zigbee supports Keys.
Encode does not support SmartThings and Wink.Connect with Z-wave plus supports SmartThings and Wink whereas Zigbee supports only SmartThings.
Encode supports a maximum of 100 codes.Connect supports a maximum of 30 codes.

Issues with Keypad: Schlage keypad not working?

Issues with Keypad: Schlage keypad not working

Here are a few common reasons why the keypad is not working or not opening the door.

Battery: Most of the time it is an issue with the battery. Replace the battery and the lock will be back to normal functioning. Also, at times battery dies suddenly due to some internal electric failure inside the battery and you may not give a warning.

Cold Weather: Mechanical and electronic parts have a tough time in extremely cold weather. The smart lock is exposed to cold weather and the internal mechanical parts don’t engage properly. The grease along with the dirt jams the internals. 

Open the lock and clean the mechanical assembly that helps in rotating the lock. Grease the lock suitable to work under lower temperatures if you reside in colder regions. This entire activity is easy and can be done under 10mins.


  1. How to connect Schlage encode to Alexa?

    Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt connects directly to your Wifi. Once it is connected, open the Alexa app on your smartphone, select the Schlage Home skill, and follow the steps in the app. Within seconds you will be connected to Alexa.

  2. How to connect Schlage encode to WiFi?

    Open the Schlage Home app on your smartphone. Tap on the Settings icon, select WiFi Settings, and follow the app’s instructions for enabling WiFi for your lock.

  3. What is an ADA-compliant smart lock?

    In 1990 the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA passed a law, according to ADA all their door lock parts and design have to be constructed so that there is no discrimination based on disability. The ADA compliant smart locks should operate and be functional as regular locks. The ADA compliant smart lock design should facilitate opening by one hand, easy to grab and pinch.

  4. Does Schlage Encode work with Ring Alarm?

    No, the Schlage Encode does not work with Ring Alarm. But it does work with Ring Video doorbells and Ring cameras. Ring alarm works on the Z-Wave protocol and Schlage Encode does not support Z-Wave plus. Schlage Connect has a variant that supports Z-Wave.

Schlage Customer Support

A word of praise for excellent customer support was provided by Schlage. The support numbers provided on the website are quick to connect with friendly staff.

Imagine being stuck in a difficulty, the waiting period on the phone support or talking to a computer voice is the last thing you will want.

Buy or Not to Buy?

The Schlage Encode is an upgrade to most of the smart locks available right now. It offers features with the brand name trusted for many years now.

Before you make a decision, make sure you are looking at the latest reviews as the app from Schlage has gone through changes as mentioned in our updated review above.

In our review, we found the smart lock to be easy to use and secure. Our recommendation is for a buy!

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