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Sliding Door Smart Lock

Sliding door smart lock has a good demand among the consumer with home automation. This segment of the patio door smart lock has not seen the innovation expected.

Most of the solutions fall into DIY smart locks. The sliding doors lack standard compliance and hence most manufactured are not ready to invest in this segment. The sliding door comes in various designs and frameworks. So it is difficult for manufacturers to come up with a standard smart lock design that caters to all sliding doors.

In 2016, an attempt was made to manufacture true smart lock for sliding doors through PadioLock, a Kickstarter campaign but the funding was unsuccessful.

Further in this article, I will share the following things to mimic some smart lock features in a sliding door

  • Automatic Slide door opening/closing.
  • Key-less entry.
  • Remote Access.
  • Integration with Google Home & Alexa.
  • Smart Bolt Lock for extra security.

AutoSlide – Automatic Slide Door Kit

AutoSlide automatic slide door kit is an excellent solution to providing hands-free opening and closing automation to your sliding door. AutoSlide provides two ways to integrate it. You can either use motion sensors or you can connect it with your infrared device.

It has a DC motor and electronic controller that runs on 24volts supply. The company supplies two buttons to be mounted on each side of the door.

If you are a pet owner, AutoSlide has a pet-friendly version. It comes with an RFIF tag that can be installed on the collar of your pet. AutoSlide has a two-year warranty for any manufacturing defects.

Upgrade: AutoSlide system can be further upgraded at an additional cost to WiFi add-on. You can download the AutoSlide app and control the system via your smartphone.

Some key smart features available through WiFi are

  • Open and close your sliding door.
  • Leave your pet out
  • Notifications when the door opens or someone approaches the door.
  • Share access.
  • Program your door remotely.

Connecting to Alexa and Google Home

Add a Z-Wave relay and a controller hub to connect to your Google Home and Alexa for voice commands.

This entire setup will have most of the features you may be looking for in a smart lock for the sliding door.

CAL Smart Bolt Lock for Sliding Door

The lock provides an extra layer of security to your sliding door. We also recommend adding a flat jimmy plate over the sliding door frame so that it prevents the accessibility of the door in the frame. Most of the sliding doors are compromised by removing the door from the rails. 

Back to Cal smart lock, it is a double bolt patio door lock that can be attached to your existing sliding door. As per the specifications, it has been tested for 1000 pounds of force. 

Additionally, it can be used with french doors. It may not be a smart lock but an essential layer of security your sliding door needs.

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